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UK likely to remain shut down while PM remains in ICU

More than 6000 people have died from the COVID-19 virus in the UK and this number is rapidly increasing by the day. The UK lock down was implemented 2 weeks ago. The lock down measures that have been put in place made no significant difference in reducing the number of positive cases in the UK. UK officials have expressed concern that the daily number of deaths could increase in the next 2 weeks.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who tested positive for the virus, was admitted to the St. Thomson Hospital in London on Sunday when his symptoms persisted and was moved to ICU on Monday, 6th April after his condition worsened. Fortunately he has not required a ventilator and could breathe on his own. Johnson is said to be responding well to treatment, however still remains in Intensive Care.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, was designated to deputize the PM position. Johnson has delegated some authority and a few tasks to Raab but insisted that major decisions – such as when the Lock Down should be lifted – should be discussed with Johnson’s cabinet.

Raab said that he had received very clear directions but was unsure of what would happen if any crucial decisions that strayed from the approved plan had to be made.

The UK has the world’s 5th largest economy. While it is not economically viable to stay shut down, Britain is in no position to lift the shutdown as the peak of the outbreak was still over a week away, according to London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

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