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Tamar Shelter

Tamar Society Shelter in Cassandra, Kimberley is seeking funds to help with the daily running of the shelter and paying of salaries. The shelter renders a service to women and children who have been removed by the police services from their abusive and dangerous environments.

Tamar shelter started operating in 1992 when an Anglican priest was called to assist a young woman who had been raped.  It is then that the priest realized that although the Police has a trauma center for immediate assistance there is a need for a place that offers extended counseling and accommodation. The shelter was later registered as an nonprofit organization and operated with the assistance from the women in church together with FAMSA and Femnet.

Tamar provides clothes, food and toiletries for its survivors. Spiritual and psychological counseling is offered to improve the self-worth of women and children who find themselves in the shelter. School children are transported to school from the centre by one of the workers and the shelter only accepts boys from the age of 0 to 12 years old.

The name was inspired by Tamar from the Bible, who was the daughter to King David, raped by her half-brother and later committed suicide due to lack of support from her family. The NGO heavily relies on the private sector to assist with funding and is pleading with the community of Kimberley to assist with donations as the shelter is currently under renovations.

If anyone is willing and able to lend a helping hand, they can contact The Solomon Star office at 053 831 2338

To contact the shelter directly please call: Yvonne Chan Yan, Chairperson on 082 677 1158 or Rina Louw, Shelter Supervisor on 072 798 0353/

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