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President Ramaphosa is yet to decide on whether the lock down will be extended

President Cyril Ramaphosa is still undecided on whether the lock down should be extended. However, the statistics over the next few days should be an indication of how successful the Lock down has been. The president said that the Lock Down has significantly helped in stabilizing the growing number of people who have been affected.

He also mentioned that more tests need to be conducted across the board in order to have more accurate data. Although the number of infections in South Africa seem to be flattening, there is still a large part of the community that has not been tested.  Over the next few days, government expects to test approximately 30 000 people per day. This will include people residing in densely populated areas and informal settlements and only then will there be a true reflection of the data surrounding the virus.

There is currently a total of 1845 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in South Africa and 18 deaths.

The number of confirmed cases in South African has decreased from 23.2% prior to the Lock Down to 7% during the Lock Down – clearly proving that lock down measure have worked and would make no sense to stop a measure that has made a significant difference in flattening the curve.

It also important to note that all the countries that have implemented a Lock Down, have extended it. So that inevitability should not be ruled out completely.

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