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Modern Feminism through the Arts: Through the Single Gals Lens

Book Cover – The Single Gals Len’s: The Looking Glass Anthology

An international, all female project that aims to bridge the gap between continents, culture, ethnicity. Through the Single Gals Lens: The Looking Glass Anthology, is a book that was conceptualised while two friends Jowhari Trahan from United States of America and Flow Wellington from South Africa met one afternoon in 2016 to have lunch before Trahan took off back to the states.” As conversations took flight, unbeknownst to us that we were giving birth to the idea of the Single Gals Lens: The looking Glass Anthology. I returned to California on fire and excited for about the venture. We soon send out calls for submissions and there was a tremendous support from female writers across the globe”, says Trahan.

Jowhari Trahan curated and contributed in the compilation of the project and admits that the journey was both invigorating and try testing, as it wasn’t easy to manage the development of the book from the US. “Many women feel so alone in living the single life, coupled with parenting, work life, and just growing up as a person. They sometimes end up pocketing their emotions out of fear or embarrassment of the situations. Our book is a celebration of not just women across the world but single women’’, adds Ms Trahan.

Flow Wellington is an author in her own right and a publisher for Poetree Publications. She articulates how honoured she is to have been part of this project that celebrates female artists. The book is a collection of short stories, poems, visual art and photography and offers a deeper perspective on many varying topics by female artists. The topics range from living single in the 21st century, parenting, living as a widow, sex and sexuality and many more other poignant topics.  This is an important book because we live in a time where women are still fighting for equality and pushes the boundaries for a modern kind of feminism through literature and art, by women for women.

 Some of the writers and artists include Cape Town based Kerry Hammerton who wrote a fictional piece titled, The Jelly Fish. Toshia Christal who based in the USA, contributed a poem, titled, I Cannot Resist You along with other artworks. The foreword was written by Johannesburg based literary journalist Karabo Kgoleng who set the tone for the captivating anthology.  Rendering to Kgoleng she says that she hopes that her introduction will help to entice the reader to engage in the art and literature comprised in the book. “I do believe that the arts and prose included in the book are well capable to make an impact on readers without the introduction, that’s how exceptional all these artists are”. To her the collection is important as it brings together more than one form of expression, ‘’It is an easily accessible, daring cosmopolitan’’, she concludes.

The compilation encompasses of a selection of artists from countries such as the United Stated of America, India, Greece, Philippines as well as South Africa. “Our aim was to create an all-encircling book that include multiple disciplines and interpretations of the theme, remarks Wellington. This book is clear example that artist from around the world can come together and create art and literature while forming a network base. The Anthology is obtainable on Amazon or through Poetree Publications.

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