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Mayor Calls for Order

The executive mayor Patrick Mabilo held a special meeting with his mayoral committee, acting municipality manager and senior executives of the municipality at the city hall. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current service delivery challenges faced by the city, whilst giving a line of march to all Sol Plaatje employees to do what is expected of them.

The Mayor implored Sol Plaatje employees to make the municipality great again.

“Let’s make Sol Plaatje great again, lets improve service delivery, let us address the potholes, sewer spillages, burst pipes and collect rubbish. Let us attend to the community’s problems without any further delay”.

Mabilo went on to lay some rules which are deemed non-negotiable, that Sol Plaatje municipality employees are to attend to community complaints promptly. To respect the Batho Pele principles which is the core foundation in any state enterprise. In the process of making the municipality great once again, the mayor and his mayoral committee will be visiting every section of the Sol Plaatje municipality to give ear to its worker’s grievances and ensuring that work is done.

“We are not doing the community a favour, they deserve quality service delivery”.

Mabilo gave a stern warning that any act of sabotage on service delivery from any quarter will not be tolerated.

This comes after a break out of service delivery protests around the city as community members expressed their discontent over lack of basic services and electricity blockages leaving several roads in Galeshewe blocked.

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