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Lukau Strikes Again

Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau, has struck again this time claiming to heal sick congregants at his church.  Alph Lukau claimed to have resurrected a man in a coffin in February.

On his personal Facebook posts he engages church members before turning his attention to some churchgoers on stretcher beds. Lukau then stands over a woman and after the pastor casts his hand over the woman, she stands up and proceeds to run through the venue.

The pastor then continues this “healing” process with other members gathered in the venue. In the post, Lukau commented, “Oh Lord take Your glory. We witnessed amazing instant healing miracles in church today. This morning families delivered seriously ill relatives to AMI seeking the healing power of God”. 

He continues, saying, “What would make a family transport their loved ones over such great distances? Jehovah Rapha! For WHAT NO MAN CAN DO – our God can do. Jehovah Rapha LIFTED them up from the grave. Men and women who have not been able to operate as normal STOOD UP and began to RUN as soon as the power of God touched them.

“What a Mighty God we serve! I am praying for you, may the hand of God reach you and lift you wherever you are!”

Earlier this year, in a video that went viral on social media, Lukau claimed to ‘resurrect’ a man from the dead.

In the video, a Kings and Queens Real Funerals hearse can be seen transporting a coffin into the church where Lukau and congregants pray. The man then rises from the coffin, breathing heavily in what is apparently staged to be a miraculous resurrection.

Lukau later backtracked on the claim, saying the man was actually alive before he performed the resurrection. The church claimed that the mortuary vehicle was brought to the church by the family.

It echoed Lukau, saying that by the time the vehicle entered its premises, there was already movement inside the coffin.

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