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Kimberley residents lend a hand

As the President announced that the country will be on lockdown till the 16th of April, the Sweet Science Combat Gym stepped in to offer help to the homeless. The group of young men heading the project took it to social media asking for donations of food, toiletries and sleeping items.

They were welcomed with great a reception as the residents of Kimberley jumped in to offer help and deliver the items at the gym premises.

The homeless children were collected to be screened at local clinics before taking them to the gym. The department of social development assisted with getting the young men the necessary permissions and permits needed to turn the gym into a temporary shelter.

Sweet Science Combat Gym’s owner, Kagiso Hlugwani became concerned with homeless children especially the homeless females when the cases of COVID-19 increased dramatically. Members of the community are still pledging essential items needed for the temporary shelter to run smoothly with hygiene protocols still in place on Facebook.

The project will be running for the enitre 21-days of lockdown, anyone who would like to donate can contact Kagiso Hlugwani on 065 9778732.

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