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Kimberley gets Chicken Licken drive-through

Rated the number 1 franchise in the country, some would even say that Kimberley is rather late with the launch of its 1st drive through Chicken Licken. Situated on the busy “Barkly Road”, it is bound to bring in customers by heaps and bounds.

“We are very excited for next week. An overwhelming amount of people have come to enquire about when our doors officially open, so I foresee it being very full come the 28th,” commented Manager, Imtiaaz Hoosain.

The franchise is looking at employing an estimated 40 employees who are currently on training to get to grips with the required skill needed to perform their duties. They will then be giving a three-day break before they get to work in what is anticipated to be the busiest fast food store in the City.

“I am really excited about this new Chicken Licken. Especially because it is a drive through, we don’t even have to get out the car. The service at the old Chicken Licken isn’t great, so I am looking forward to a much better experience,” commented Chicken Licken regular, Lindelwa Ndebele.

Due to the strict franchise specifics, contractors from Johannesburg were used to develop the building, quite a number of building materials however, we procured from local manufacturers and suppliers.

“There are only about two or three contractors that Chicken Licken use throughout the country. They travel from area to area to erect and develop new Chicken Licken sites. The same guys were used here and they have done a really good job,” Hoosain explained.

One of the aspects to this development that management is especially proud of, is the female painter who single handedly painted the exterior of the building, mind you, it only took her three days. Seated comfortably at the top of her ladder, now busy with the interior of the building, Beauty Xwazi, a 34-year-old professional painter tells us how she got into this industry and why she has stayed, “Women should not underestimate the value of being a painter. Most women want to dress nicely and have nice nails, so they overlook employment vacancies in areas like these. I went to a skill development course in Amanzintoti where I learnt all that I needed to. I saw I was good at it and then I took it further. Now, I am a professional and I am good at what I do. Don’t let being a woman stop you from doing things that are a little extraordinary. Go for them anyway”.

The project was started on the 9th April 2019 and in 9 days it will be opening its doors to the public.

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