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Hulana Park gets a facelift

The Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatje, Mr. Patrick Mabilo launched the revamped Kekana Park (most commonly known as Hulana park). The park suffered tremendous vandalism over the years which led to it becoming a hotspot for drug use and criminal activities.

The Mayor, together with municipal officials informed the surrounding members of the community to take pride in their park by reporting acts of vandalism and working together with the police by reporting suspicious behaviour happening at the park.

The Mayor also informed the community that the park will have free Wi-Fi as part of reaching Premier Saul’s vision of an increased digital and modern town.

Parks and Recreation Director, Khuse Bogacwi communicated that Kekana Park is a model park which will be used for all parks that will be revamped.  He added that members of the community are constantly criticizing the municipality but are actually the ones vandalizing the properties bestowed on them.

Trees were planted in the park to raise awareness of the importance of green spaces in preserving the city’s green heritage and promoting its beauty.

Parks Manager, Massimo Mazzoncina expressed that as part of saving the environment, Sol Plaatje planted indigenous trees that are self-reliant and opted for grass that does not need a lot of water.

At the 2019 National Arbor City Awards, the Executive Mayor together with MMC for Community Services, Councillor Leon Farland accepted an award in the Local Municipality group for creating awareness in sustaining greener, healthier and happier places to live in, at the launch of Arbor Month under the theme, Forests and Sustainable Cities.

Sol Plaatje aims to plant more trees as a means of giving greater attention to reducing pollution, controlling erosion and contributing to food security.

Members of the community are happy with the improvements and have committed to work hand in hand with the municipality to make sure the park remains dignified.

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