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Exciting times for Richmond Ladies Soccer Team

The Richmond United Ladies soccer team have made it through to the National Women’s Soccer League. The proud team, based in De Aar, is the first female soccer team in the province to make it to this level. Apart from a donation of soccer kits, boot and training equipment to the value of R250 000.00, MEC for Sports, Arts and Culture, Bernice Sinxeve made it her mission to address the male chauvinism and patriarchy that still falsely falls on the sport.

Richmond Ladies Soccer Team

“Very importantly as well, is that whilst we fight for the emancipation of women, we also stem-out all forms of patriarchy and fight against male chauvinism in the circles of sport. It is a known fact that soccer is a male dominated sport, but yet it is a proven fact that Banyana Banyana is performing much better on the International Scene than their male counter parts”.

The Department will further more be providing High Performance assistance where the team will be travelling to Kimberley for a couple of days.

As per statement issued by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, the participation of the Richmond United Ladies comes in the wake as the Northern Cape Province and the local South African Football Association is in the process of developing a Football Development Plan for the Province with their ultimate goal of ensuring that a team of the Province participates in the Premier Soccer League.

The owner of the team, Mr Armichad Amsterdam was extremely delighted and very thankful and appreciative for the support rendered by the Department. He indicated that the provision of the training equipment now allows them to work on the necessary skills and fitness which is of extreme importance to firstly remain the National Women’s League and secondly to perform well against all the other teams.

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