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Essential workers struggle with transport

As the struggle against COVID-19 continues, essential workers are left continuously struggling with transport because of the restrictions put in place by the minister of transport Fikile Mbalula. While this is not the case in big cities because of private transport, a lot of medical care workers are seen walking to work due to the lack of transport which is caused by the awkward time restrictions placed to help in the curb of corona virus.

Medical care workers staying in Beaconsfield and Greenpoint complain of arriving late at work because of public transport being cut when they have to go to work. Leaving them vulnerable to criminals roaming the streets as not all pole lights are in good condition.

“We have to walk to work because the taxis this side end just before we have to go to work, this leads to us being deemed unprofessional because we always give the same excuse every day,”.

Many hoped that the hospitals would arrange transport for the medical workers who work the night shift.

“We hoped the hospitals would organize transport for those who are on night shift, but nothing has been said,”.

Last week, the minister announced that essential transport services are to continue operating during the 21day lockdown, under the regulation which states that public modes of transport could operate from 5am-9am and again from 4pm-8pm. However, this was not the case in Beaconsfield and Greenpoint as the last taxi at 18:00 was observed to only be carrying a fifty percent occupancy.

Affected workers make a desperate plea to authorities to provide some sort of solution or at least alternative measures that allow them to safely commute to work and combat this pandemic while ensuring our safety.

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