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DEDAT’S cleanup campaign

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism held a stakeholders session with the aim of specifically dealing with the deliberate dumping by residents which in turn makes it difficult to sell the Northern Cape as a preferred tourist destination. The session was graced by key experts in the waste management sector who contributed to finding lasting solutions to the issues at hand.

Sol Plaatje Municipality Director, Khuza Bogacwi explained that the city is actually not in such a bad state.

“People that say Kimberley is a dirty town but in actual fact when you look at it with a naked eye, yes the town is dirty, but it is not as bad as what people make it out to be”.

He went on to explain that there are by-laws in place but due to people not paying their rates and taxes, the municipality is left in a tight spot when it comes to fulfilling its mandate. As part of sharing in the Premier’s vision of a modern, growing and successful province, the Sol Plaatje Municipality is currently looking into beautifying the entrances of the town.

Bogacwi encouraged SMME’s to approach the municipality to get licenses that afford them the opportunity to access the waste and also contribute to the economy of the province.

One of the raised issues at the sessions was that people throw animal carcasses at the dumping sites, which creates a stench in the area instead of burying them, as this poses a health hazard. Stakeholders suggested that trees be planted all over town and awareness be created so that behaviour can start changing.

Waste Management Primary co-op wants to be the game changer in this sector. It has been registered for two years and their first big success was at the Yonder Hartfees, where they donated bins and also did the cleanup operation at the festival. Though they are in the process of obtaining their waste license, their vision is to create jobs and train the community to be self-employed through waste management. Their current targeted areas in Kimberley are Santa, Homestead, Roodepan and Greenpoint. The founder of the co-op is Jean Heroldt who works with three members. Jean was inspired by one of the co-op members to register the waste management co-op as he saw a business opportunity in it.

Executive Mayor, Mr Patrick Mabilo received an award at the 17th annual National Arbor City Awards on the 1st September 2019 in Port Elizabeth with a total prize money worth R250 000, 00.

Mabilo together with MMC for Community Services, Councillor Leon Farland accepted the award in the local municipality category for creating awareness in sustaining greener, healthier and happier places to live in at the National Arbor City Awards on the launch date of Arbor Month under the theme, “Forests and Sustainable Cities”.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism has taken it upon themselves to also run with the campaign of cleaning up our streets which will be launched on the 21st of September 2019.

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