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Close Enough to Explore. Far Enough to Preserve

If the Northern Cape had a fan club, David would definitely be in the top 5 fans. For the last 30 years David Moore has been visiting, filming and creating stories within the borders of this incredible province. He has shot an entire documentary simply about the Orange River, shot three movies and many episodes of the much loved travel show Going Nowhere Slowly. Many have asked what the attraction to the Northern Cape Province is and it is hard to explain until you visit it yourself but what David pinpoint’s is the space, the silence and that it is like no other place in South Africa. “When I visit I immediately feel like I belong and that I am welcome” says David.

“I find the people as friendly as the landscapes and as diverse. Whether I be sitting with Oom Petrus, a San Chief or sitting alone at Augrabies or listening to tales in a small town bar, everyone seems interested in who you are and what you have to share. But the real reason I love it, is because when there my mind opens and stories start to form and with that in mind I am about to embark on one of the biggest stories to come out of the province. I started this journey 20 years ago when I was told about a UFO that was shot down near Askham in the Kalahari. Now this sounds real crazy but the locals are aware that something was shot down and that it mysteriously disappeared via Upington Airport. Me and my team at Press Play Pictures have created a story that we intend to bring to life later this year. It will have an all-star cast and obviously some UFO’s and aliens but I do not want to say too much yet but watch this space!” he said.

David has strongly suggested that we not take his word for it but rather invest some time and energy to come and have real experiences of this Province, as he so eloquently put’s it “Drift a little more when you can, be daring, and find the magic I and many others have. For those who do not live in the Northern Cape, all I can say is that it is far enough away to be preserved, yet close enough to explore.”

David Moore (Left) seen with Ashley Watson (Right)

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