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Clean up and recycling week takes off

Coca Cola Beverages collaborated with the Department of Environmental Affairs and handed out cold drinks in exchange for empty plastic bottles at the Greenpoint park on Tuesday.

This serves as part of the recycling week initiative, which begun in 1996 in KwaZulu-Natal, which was launched by the plastic industry. The initiative aims to teach South African’s of disposing their waste in a responsible manner by highlighting the importance of recycling materials that can be used to create new products, generate employment and reduce the impact on the environment.

Coca Cola handed out a 2 litre cold drink for every plastic bag full of empty plastic bottles, this gave the community major incentive to start picking up waste within their area. The reward attracted a lot of young and old people, creating what the Good Green Deeds campaign hopes to see taking place daily towards creating a clean South Africa.

Community member, Lorraine Van Staden was happy to see the Coca Cola staff in Greenpoint, contributing to the fight against waste.

“I am happy to see the Coca Cola people in our neighborhood, we are the most forgotten neighborhoods in Kimberley but I’m grateful that they thought of us. Hopefully the whole community will take cleaning and recycling seriously as it’s not only the duty of EPWP (Extended Public Works Program) workers because there’s also money in recycling”, said Lorraine.

The Department of Environmental Affairs Director, Brian van Staden explains that such initiatives need to be consistent because the same plastic bottles that have already been collected for cold drinks will be lying on the ground again tomorrow. Waste management needs to be sung every single day just like the plea for femicide to end.  Our people are not aware that they can make money through recycling and how it will actually help the very same environment they live in.

PR and communications manager for Coca Cola, Pinky Lebitso, states that the beverage company took a pledge when the President of the country launched the Good Green Deeds program that they will also help with cleanups and collecting of plastic bottles around the country. They joined the Good Green Deeds in Kimberley on its awareness campaign as part of a build up towards the Khoro Awards which will take place on Wednesday.

The collected bottles will be taken to a recycling depot in Kimberley via efforts of the EPWP transport.

The clean-up recycle week runs from the 16th to the 21st of September.

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